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Unblock Cell Phone Number Blocked

Perfectjammer 2022-01-05

Unblock Cell Phone Number Blocked

Recently, residents living near Jieshou Middle School and Jieshou No. 1 Middle School found that their mobile phones were often unable to dial out or receive calls. They suspected that the school used Unblock Cell Phone Number Blocked . The Jieshou City Education Bureau apologized to residents after an investigation and said that in the future, the school will reduce the number of uses of cell phone jammer or use mobile phone jammers with lower power. In this regard, residents who reflect this problem expressed understanding, but their concerns have not been lifted. Mr. Zhang lives near Jieshou Middle School. In recent months, he found that his mobile phone often had problems, and he could neither make calls to others nor answer them normally. At first, Mr. Zhang thought that there was a problem with his mobile phone, and then went to the mobile phone after-sales service center for maintenance. After careful inspection, the staff told him that there was no problem with his mobile phone. "There is no problem with the mobile phone, then the problem lies with the operator." Mr. Zhang called the customer service number of the communication operator many times, and the other party responded: In the area where Mr. Zhang is located, the communication signal is normal, and there was no fault that day, and there is no maintenance record. "It is estimated that someone is using a mobile phone signal jammer near your community." The customer service staff of the communication operator reminded Mr. Zhang.

The reminder from the customer service staff caught Mr. Zhang's attention. When his mobile phone "lost contact" again, Mr. Zhang checked all the phones of his family, and the same problem occurred on 6 mobile phones. Mr. Zhang's goal is to move to Jieshou Middle School, where his son is studying in the third grade, and the grade is taking exams that day. Mr. Zhang is not alone in this problem. When a reporter from Yingzhou Evening News interviewed in Jieshou City, residents near Jieshou No. 1 Middle School, Jieshou Middle School, Jieshou No. 4 Middle School and Chongwen Middle School encountered this situation. Several residents reported that similar situations occur almost every month, and once they do, they last for a few days. When residents contacted the school, they learned that the school was holding monthly or grade-level tests at this time. In this regard, several residents said that they did not object to the use of Unblock Cell Phone Number Blocked during the high school and college entrance examinations, but there is absolutely no need to use mobile phone signal jammers for monthly exams or daily quizzes. affected". In order to get rid of the influence of mobile phone signal jammers, some people have negotiated with the school, but nothing came of it. Recently, residents complained to the Education Bureau of Jieshou City. On March 25, the Jieshou Education Bureau responded to the incident and apologized to the affected residents. The Education Bureau of Jieshou City stated that after consultation with the Jieshou No. 1 Middle School, Jieshou Middle School, Jieshou No. 4 Middle School and Chongwen Middle School, all schools agreed to minimize the use of mobile phone jammers or use mobile phone signals with lower power in the future. Disruptors, strive to reduce the disturbance to the daily life of surrounding residents, and establish a good school-group relationship.

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