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The question of whether school principals should be allowed to ban the use of signal blockers to prevent cheating on mobile phones has been under review


At present, there is a lot of concern about whether school principals should be allowed to block the use of signal jammers to prevent cheating on mobile phones. Today, teachers' unions and the Department of Education joined the debate.

Homework cheat sheets are outdated; Today, students are smarter, they use their small cell phones to go online without being noticed, where they can find the answers to all their questions. A manager from Salzburg used a jammer in Mathura as a result and was quickly reported by the telecommunications authorities. This is prohibited, and the authorities only allow it in exceptional circumstances, and the school teachers' union is now demanding such an exception. The Department of Education is not considering authorizing jammers.

Various Capacities Signal Shields

Great demand

In principle, each school can set its own rules on mobile phone use. The Ministry of Education generally banned tests and schoolwork. Resourceful students will always find a way to hide their phones.

Eckehard Reinbacher, owner of a mail-order school supply company, confirmed that cell phone jammer and detectors are in high demand. The jammer used at Salzburg High school was purchased by his company. Reinbacher explained that the school will always make corresponding requests. The Department of Education does not want to allow jammers under any circumstances and argue with safety. For example, in an emergency, help cannot be called.

Coalition for, against

The teachers' union AHS Eckehard Quin is now calling for an exception to the jammer ban in schools.

The Department for Education's argument about cheating in schools and working in Matura no longer makes sense because the work is largely skill-based and therefore the work of students is vital - an argument that has been made ready for a cabaret by Eckehard Quin, a member of the teachers' union. The decision comes down to politics, Quinn said. If she wants to tolerate cheating, the teachers will have to accept it. However, Quin warned that the problem would be exacerbated by central leaving exams, which will be held for the first time in 2014.

The Department remains faithful to its course. So the student motto is still: Don't get caught.

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