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Airports are struggling to eliminate illegal drones

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Changsha, feb 9 (chinadaily) -- a drone jammer has been tested at changsha huanghua international airport, in an effort to eliminate the security risks caused by the black flight. It is reported that after passing the test, the anti-uav system will be put into use in the near future to protect the safe take-off and landing of flights.

In recent years, with the rapid development of uav industry, civil uav has been widely used, even to the extent of no matter the region or occasion. Although relevant government departments began to register the drones with their real names on June 1, 2017, they still cannot stop the "black flying" of drones.

These frequent patronize the airspace around the airport, has posed a serious threat to flight safety. It is imperative to stop drone black flights.

"We are actively looking for ways to deal with the potential risks posed by drones and are taking actions without slackness." Changsha huanghua international airport flight safety chief told reporters that the airport has been linked with the local government, please local government in the monitoring area to do a good job of residents' publicity work, at the same time with the public security department to strengthen the linkage, once found the situation will be quickly dealt with. From the inside of the airport, on the one hand, daily inspection is strengthened; on the other hand, cooperation is conducted with relevant technology manufacturers, hoping to "shield" the uav within the core scope of the airport through anti-uav technology and means.