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Chinese exams use mobile phone jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

On June 3, Mr. Zhang, who lives near the no. 1 high school affiliated to central China normal university in wuhan, noticed a sudden deterioration in cellphone signals. After the field monitoring by hubei mobile company, it was found that the source of interference came from the signal amplifier illegally installed by residents in a small area near the school, and it is not ruled out that the signal amplifier will be used for cheating activities during the college entrance examination.

In order to effectively ensure the smooth signal of the users around the test sites for the college entrance examination, hubei mobile company carried out a special investigation of interference on the base stations around the school in early may. At present, it has successfully located more than 60 interference sources such as illegally installed signal amplifiers, and solved the problem of signal interference on the base stations around 2753 test sites in the province.

According to hubei mobile, in addition to the signal amplifiers that may be used for cheating in exams, cell phone jammer that are temporarily turned on in exam rooms can also affect the quality of the surrounding networks. During the guarantee period of entrance examination for secondary school or college communication in our province, the company will set up a 24-hour standby emergency repair team, cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in shielding the wireless signals around the examination room, and prepare for emergency communication and repair at any time.

Hubei mobile warned that if your mobile phone communication on the day of the college entrance examination is abnormal, it may be affected by the test site signal blocker. If the mobile phone cannot be used normally before and after the exam, please call the official customer service number of each communication operator or consult the nearest business hall in time.