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Cell Phone Says Blocked From Network Blocks Most Network Signals

Perfectjammer 2022-02-17

Nowadays, cheating in the college entrance examination can be said to be a no-brainer, and students who do not study well will always think a little bit about their brains. Mobile phones have indeed brought convenience to people's lives. Schools do not allow cheating in exams. With the advent of mobile phones, students have begun to learn to cheat with mobile phones, but what if they cannot completely eliminate the existence of mobile phones? Cell Phone Says Blocked From Network played a very big role. cell phone jammer In the effective frequency range, the base station and the mobile phone are connected by radio waves, and the transmission of data and sound is completed with a certain frequency of baud rate and modulation. This is the communication principle of mobile phone jammers.

According to this principle, Cell Phone Says Blocked From Network can use a certain speed to scan the low-end frequency from low to high to high-end frequency when working, and at this scanning speed, garbled interference can be formed when the mobile phone receives the signal, so When the mobile phone receives data, it cannot detect the signal sent by the base station. This kind of interference cannot completely establish a connection between the mobile phone and the base station. This form of expression is that the signal cannot be searched, there is no service, no signal, etc. Phenomenon, in this case, it is impossible to send messages and make phone calls.