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Block Number Cell Phone Sprint

Perfectjammer 2021/12/28

As early as 2010, Wuhan promulgated and implemented the metal detector safety inspection rules for the college entrance examination. Invigilators use metal detectors to conduct all-round inspections from top to bottom and from front to back, focusing on the places where communication tools may be placed. In addition, the college entrance examination examination room has Block Number Cell Phone Sprint measures. Where can I upload data when there is no network signal? Why did Cell Phone Jammer lose its effect? Why can students successfully upload test questions to the search app? Need to explain whether the screen in the examination room is working. If strictly enforced, it is estimated that it is difficult to bring mobile phones into the examination room. Even if it is a fish who missed the net, the negligence responsibility of enjoying the wireless network transmission "service" in the college entrance examination examination room does exist objectively, and there is subjective and deliberate need for further investigation. For students who violate the rules, apart from canceling the college entrance examination results, what should they do next? According to Article 5 of the "Decision on Amending the Measures for Handling Violations of National Education Examinations" issued by the Ministry of Education in 2012, sending or transmitting examination information to other places is a particularly serious case, and participation in national examinations such as the college entrance examination will be suspended for 1 to 3 years. Moreover, this behavior will be recorded in the file. It can be said that this student's learning career in the entire national education sequence has basically come to an end, and the impact on future life is also very far-reaching.

Therefore, both the students themselves, their parents, and teachers must pay attention to cheating in the examination room. This is a matter of life and integrity, and even involves illegal issues. If you fail the exam, you can come back for another year, or go to a bad university, and then change your life through your own efforts. After all, they are all young people. The college entrance examination does not completely determine the future. As long as you work hard, the future will be full of infinite possibilities, but don't let your way die. In addition, given the questions, the time for the college entrance examination is limited. It is not easy for the invigilator to take out the phone to take pictures when the invigilator is intensively invigorating the exam, so the students will definitely wait for the opportunity, so how much time does it take to get the real answer? Then the quality of the final answer is worrying. Will the students with the best grades do this kind of thing? I think it is unlikely. Block Number Cell Phone Sprint Students who feel hopeless often take risks and hope to improve their scores. Even if the cheating is successful, it will not change the final outcome, but will be unfair to the entire college entrance examination. Of course, if a premeditated group divides the work malpractice, it will take pictures of the test questions and send them out, and then the professionals will solve the problems, and then distribute the answers to the college entrance examination room. This situation is very serious, and all relevant personnel will be held accountable. It is not as simple as stopping the test.