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The government is trying to update the signal jammer in Tihar prison

Harlow Mejia

Delhi is also one of these cities.Tihar Prison has always housed many well-known prisoners, untried and notorious criminals.The government is trying to update the signal jammer in Tihar Jail and stop 5G as soon as possible, to eliminate mobile phone smuggling and crime in the prison as soon as possible, and make the prison a place for correctional prisoners, not a place for prisoners to wanton leisure.This is why as soon as the news of the 5G network entering the prison came out, the hands and feet of the prison administration department swelled up.

Military Drone Jammer

Inmates at the jail were having a good time, sources were quoted as saying.Many gangs use mobile phones to escape from the prison itself, leaving the prison in name only Despite all the security measures in place, mobile phones and SIM cards are often found on prisoners.Prison professionals call for the prison management department to deploy in advance the upgrade of prison jammers, rather than remedial after the problem occurs, which will undoubtedly allow more time for crimes to breed in prisons.

The discovery of 5G mobile phones and 5G networks in the prison also urged the management of Tihar Prison to update the cell phone signal blocker as soon as possible.A total of three jammers were installed, but they were unable to block the 5G network, prison officials said.Until the cell phone jammer is updated, the 5G network will continue to operate inside the prison.

It is not hidden from anyone that many inmates have been running organized and unorganized criminal gangs inside the prison.In fact, the 4G jammers currently updated in prisons can only block 3G and 4G signals, but in the face of 5G, 4G phone blockers are powerless because they do not cover the 5G frequency band.They are taking advantage of this and running 5G internet right under the noses of prison administrations.This makes it pointless for prisons to incarcerate prisoners and discipline prisoners.The prison management department has also notified the Delhi government of the incident and applied to upgrade the jammers in the prison to the latest 5G mobile phone jammers.

Currently, the main accused in Shraddha's murder case is Aftab Punawala, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, wrestler Sushil Kumar who was arrested in the murder case, gangster Niraj Ba Wana and Delhi government minister Satyendar Jain is also being held in Tihar Jail.5G internet is already operational in many cities in India.You might not have access to 5G yet, but inmates at Tihar Prison are running 5G internet.Prison administrations are uneasy about why inmates can still smuggle mobile phones and use them to surf the Internet when jammers are installed in prisons to stop mobile networks.

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