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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Ebya

Perfectjammer 2021/08/26

We all know that you can’t use your cell phone in a gas station. This has become a “common sense”. It is said that if you do, it will ignite and detonate the gas station; but occasionally someone will use your cell phone at the gas station. Except for your heartbeat speeding up, you are extremely worried. It seems that nothing happened. So, can a gas station use a mobile phone? Let's take a look at the experiment. Dip a small amount of ether with a cotton swab, place it between the two small balls of the motor, and wait for the ether to volatilize into steam, imitating the volatilization of gasoline. When the static motor is turned, the flames suddenly jumped up. It was ether vapor that caught fire. Experts said that when a mobile phone receives or emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves, there will be high-frequency currents in it. If the mobile phone has poor contact, there will be a chance to generate electric sparks. As long as the electric spark lasts for 1 microsecond and the discharge energy is 6 milliwatts, it may cause gas combustion. Therefore, Cell Phone Signal Jammer Ebya devices are installed in many areas, and cash payment is advocated. cell phone jammer Let people who come to refuel can not use mobile phones to pay, so we need to always bring cash

Experts say that gasoline is a volatile substance. When the mixing ratio of gasoline and air in the environment reaches a certain standard, it may explode if it encounters igniting substances such as high-frequency currents and static electricity. For safety reasons, experts pointed out: Some gas stations are specially equipped with human body static discharge devices, which are connected to the earth and can remove static electricity from the body by touching them. If it is a self-service gas station, do not return to the car during the refueling period, and do not go to the mobile phone placed in the pocket of your clothes in the car to prevent your body from being attached to static electricity again. In the refueling process, the hand should always hold the fuel gun, and the fuel gun should be extended into the fuel tank mouth as much as possible to reduce the volatilized gasoline during the refueling process and reduce the ignition medium from the source. This is why the gas station has always been placed in an open place, and the installation of Cell Phone Signal Jammer Ebya is just to add a layer of insurance to our lives.