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Power Block Cell Phone Charger Prevents Fraudulent Means

Perfectjammer 2022/01/18

Nowadays, many schools are busy preparing for the examination room. This is the most important 5G examination room every year. This year's college entrance examination is coming soon. To deal with this most important 5G examination room, many schools have been actively preparing. It is necessary to arrange the items needed in the test site to ensure that all the normal disciplines of the test site and the standard requirements of the test site are met. Among them, many schools also bought 5G Power Block Cell Phone Charger in the examination room as a countermeasure in order to better solve the increasingly rampant electronic device signal fraud method, but its effective scope is limited, so it causes With new doubts, does the shield still have any practical effect after passing through the wall? So what are the actual effects of 5G Cell Phone Jammer in the Chengdu test room after passing through the wall?

In fact, we will analyze this issue in detail. First of all, we need to understand what output power this 5G Power Block Cell Phone Charger has, because it is divided into 12W, 16W and 18W, and the effective range caused by different output powers It is different. If it is only a small output power, it is generally used in a wide small area, just reaching the size of a classroom. As everyone knows, if it is required to pass through the wall, there will be no shielding effect after passing through the wall. Therefore, if a 5G mobile phone signal jammer with low output power is selected, it is not necessary to pass through the wall as much as possible, and one can be configured in each test venue. If you choose the one with high power, you can reach several classrooms with one machine. Generally speaking, there are still many doubts about the purchase of 5G mobile phone jammers in the examination room. At this time, you can go to contact the electronic device to grasp the price. This is also a company with a first-class elite team to provide service support, and has many years of product development in the examination room 5G The manufacturer of signal jammer work experience has received a relatively high five-star praise from several customers who have cooperated with it. It is reliable for avoiding the fraud of electronic devices in the examination room.