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Block Transfer Of Cell Phone Number

Perfectjammer 2021/11/22

During the college entrance examination, the school will open Block Transfer Of Cell Phone Number , which will affect the quality of calls around the examination room, such as: frequent failed calls, unconnected calls, dropped calls, intermittent calls, slow Internet access, etc., will return to normal after the exam. At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth flow of signals around the campus, the operator has arranged in advance for communication engineers to test the entrances and exits of each test site, the rest area of ​​the parents accompanying the test, and expand the software and hardware of the nearby base stations to ensure that high traffic and high traffic can be guaranteed during the test. High Flow. Except for the signal being blocked during the exam, we have done our best to ensure that your communication is unblocked. We know that every year in the college entrance examination, all communication signals in the examination room are blocked in order to prevent fraud in the examination. There is a mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room. At the same time, there is a radio monitor outside the exam room that can help fix the electromagnetic wave signals of those frequency bands that the mobile phone signal jammer can't take care of, and monitor radio wave signals from unknown sources in real time. The working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer used in the college entrance examination is to obliterate the useful electromagnetic wave signal in a large number of useless signals. So what should we do if the phone is blocked? Due to the rapid development of wireless networks, it has now developed to 4G networks, and many examination rooms use relatively old signal jammers, and they are helpless with 3G and even the current 4G network. The cracking method: use 3G or 4G cards- I feel that there is no 2G network anymore. cell phone jammer

Because the working principle of school Block Transfer Of Cell Phone Number is to shield the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone signal of the specified band, so long as the mobile phone’s receiving transmission frequency can be modified to prevent it from being shielded, the mobile phone jammer only shields the mobile phone signal of 900-1800MHZ, while the mobile phone’s receiving transmission The frequency is 850-1900MHZ, which is much larger than the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer, so as long as the mobile phone's receiving and transmitting frequency is adjusted to the maximum in the mobile phone settings, the mobile phone signal can be received normally. WIFI cracking method. This method has relatively high environmental requirements, provided that there must be an available wireless network around. Some mobile phone signal jammers cannot shield WIFI signals and can communicate with the outside world. Bluetooth cracking method. It is suitable for short-distance communication in the shielded area. Some shielding devices may ignore the Bluetooth transmission function without shielding, so we only need to install the Bluetooth messaging software on the mobile phone to communicate normally in a small area. With the rapid development of the network, mobile phone signal jammers are also being updated, and the cost is very low. You only need to add the frequency band of the known network to the interference ranks to shield all radios.