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Perfectjammer 2021/08/29

According to reports, the main component of gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which is flammable, explosive, and volatile. Therefore, gas stations are key units for fire safety. Under normal circumstances, gasoline explosions need to meet two conditions at the same time: one is that the concentration in the air reaches the explosion limit range; the other is that there is an ignition source around. The so-called explosion limit refers to the volume concentration range where the mixture of combustible gas and air will explode when exposed to an open flame. The explosion limit of gasoline is 1.4%-7.6%, which means that the concentration of gasoline in the air can be ignited within this range. Because the gas recovery system of gas stations in our country is very complete, but there are still many people who install How To Make A Cell Phone Jammer Easily to prevent mobile phones from generating Electromagnetic sparks are difficult to reach this range under normal circumstances, but the diffusion of oil and gas caused by equipment failure cannot be ruled out. Ignition sources include open flames, electric sparks, hot surfaces, shock waves, etc. cell phone jammer The emergence of, allows more people to follow suit, not only in gas stations, but also classrooms, churches, meeting rooms, etc.’

Radio frequency electromagnetic waves can cause the receiving antenna to generate radio frequency current. In theory, in the event of poor contact, it will indeed generate radio frequency sparks in the circuit to induce fuel gas vapor. Emergency Management Department Tianjin Fire Protection Research Institute Fire Material Evidence Appraisal Center Zhang Bin told reporters, "But this requires acommunications transmitter of several hundred watts or even kilowatts, and the transmission power generated when we actually use mobile phones is in the milliwatt level, which is far from enough to ignite gasoline vapor. So mobile phone radio waves The triggered radio frequency sparks are very unlikely to cause an explosion.” In this regard, Yin Qiang, an oil circulation expert from the Ministry of Commerce, also expressed the same view: “The expert test organized by Haining City, just put the data in this way to reach a conclusion, it cannot be said to be rigorous. , But the conclusion is correct. In fact, in real scenes, temperature, humidity, and pressure vary greatly. Especially in this season, there is no danger." In addition, many interviewed experts also said that with technology The progress of our mobile phones are basically touch-type smart phones. Compared with the old-fashioned button phones, it will be safer to use, because it does not have some mechanical operations, so the possibility of electric sparks Small, although the probability is very small, but the danger still exists, we need to use How To Make A Cell Phone Jammer Easily to stop.