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Perfectjammer 2021/10/10

Mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone is a combination of network, social interaction, shopping, entertainment and life, it is inseparable from our life. The mobile phone has many functions, but if the mobile phone does not have a network, it is equivalent to a mobile phone without a soul. The network is the key to opening the phone, so pay attention to the network and network speed. We know that the network has a logo, and the quality of the network signal will be reflected on it. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using Ne555 Timer Pdf Many people have reacted recently. Why the network signal is full but the network speed is still very slow? what is the reason? So let us briefly answer your question today and suggest to try this method, it is simple and useful. Recently, many people have responded that the 4G network may slow down. cell phone jammer Some people even think this is because the 5G network has arrived, which forces users to use the 5G network, so they will slow down the 4G network. However, this is not the case, but the real reason is that more and more users of 4G networks have slowed down the development of 4G networks.

It is always inaccurate by feeling. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using Ne555 Timer Pdf , We speak with data. According to related reports, the average download speed of mobile phone users using 4G networks in China is currently 28. If you add up the national network speed, the average is about 3-4 meters per second. In fact, this value is enough for us to use the network normally, unless the signal is bad. However, there are more and more users of the 4G network, so these users will gradually differentiate your network speed, and the average network speed will drop more and more, so we cannot change this state. The number of 4G network users will only increase. However, the phone itself has another function that can optimize the network. Open the phone settings button, after clicking it, the signal strength information of the phone's SIM card status will appear, generally between 50 and 110 decibels. If this value is too bad, you can learn some methods. The access point of our mobile phone network is generally CMNET or CMWAP. We can choose two options. If the network speed is very slow, we can try to switch. Open and set up the mobile network access point (APN) and write "cmtds" in the first name of the drop-down setting window, and write "CMTDS" in lowercase in the second name. After setting, check whether the network speed becomes faster. If this has not changed, you can restore the network settings and restart the phone.