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Blocking Cell Phone Signals Illegal Has A Wide Range Of Effects

Perfectjammer 2022/01/04

On the eve of Teacher's Day, a netizen posted a post on the 19th floor of Taizhou, saying that he lives near the middle school, and he can't use his mobile phone normally at night recently. He asked China Mobile Unicom, and they all said that the middle school set up privately to prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night. Blocking Cell Phone Signals Illegal , block cell phone signal. Affected residents in the Zhongshan community near the west side of the middle school were unable to use mobile phones for nearly a week. Zhenhua Middle School said that it has stopped Cell Phone Jammer and apologized for the impact on the surrounding residents. Shielding is not very legal. At present, most of the shielding is G network. A high-level executive of a large communication operator said that the operator's communication frequency band is allocated by the state.

During the college entrance examination, schools are allowed to use Blocking Cell Phone Signals Illegal . Each time it will have a greater impact on the surrounding area, and there will be many complaints from users, but they can be understood after explanation. There are also many mobile phone jammers used by government agencies for meetings, but they are only used in conference rooms, with low power and no impact on the surrounding area. To block the signal, you need to go to the Radio Regulatory Commission for registration and obtain a license, otherwise it is a violation of the radio management regulations. At present, the mainstream mobile phone jammers on the market can interfere with the G network of China Mobile and China Unicom, and are ineffective for China Unicom's CDMA, WCDMA and China Mobile's TD-CDMA, as well as China Telecom. In this middle school, because there are many mobile phone jammers, which are superimposed on each other, it has an impact on the surrounding two or three hundred meters. It is impossible to make calls, the noise is loud, the call quality is poor, and there are many complaints from residents.