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Perfectjammer 2022/3/21

When the cell phone battery is activated at the gas station, the cell phone will ring and it will generate enough energy to cause a slight spark. Combustible substances such as petroleum in the air can cause fires. It can be seen that gas stations have express regulations prohibiting the use of mobile phones at gas stations. According to the principle, the equipment of the gas station is controlled by the computer. Cell Phone Jammer will affect the normal operation of the device, making it impossible to measure. More importantly, when the mobile phone sends or receives high-frequency electromagnetic waves, there will be high-frequency currents inside. If the phone is in poor contact, it can cause the gas to burn, which can cause the gas station to explode. Using the gas station Blocked Pop Ups On A Note 9 Cell Phone can limit the mobile phone signal to 500M meters away from the transmitting station. The shielding radius is adjustable, covering an area of ​​more than 30 square meters. Mobile phones within this range cannot establish contact with signal towers, so the influence of electromagnetic signals from mobile phone signals on gas stations can be avoided to a certain extent.

June 7 is the first day of the college entrance examination. From June 6, all test centers in Hainan will be open for students to set foot on. A reporter from Nanhai.com visited several test centers in Haikou and learned that the layout of each test center is now ready. The distribution map of the examination room and the direction indication map are prominently located. The test center Blocked Pop Ups On A Note 9 Cell Phone has been installed, and each test center has a wall clock, which is convenient. Candidates check the time. On the afternoon of June 6, many examinees, accompanied by their parents, stepped on the test site to familiarize themselves with the route and the specific location of the test room. A reporter from Nanhai.com saw at the test centers of Hainan Huaqiao Middle School and Haikou No. 1 Middle School that the distribution map of the test centers for literature and history, and the test centers for science and technology have been placed in conspicuous positions of these test centers. In the examination room, signs for each examination room have been placed. At the same time, each test center has set up a consultation area, and candidates can also consult if they have any questions. Some test centers also specially set up rest areas for candidates, so that candidates have a place to rest while waiting for the test. Due to the hot weather, some test centers also provide mineral water for students to drink on each floor.