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The Governor's Highway Safety Association studies the use of mobile phone jammer while driving

Moises Stevens

The Governors Association for Highway Safety studied nearly 350 scientific papers to measure how distracted drivers are while driving.perfectjammer is a professional mobile phone shielding device manufacturer and online seller, providing signal jamming services for our customers, in order to help customers protect privacy and security.Therefore, installing a Cellphone signal blocker on a car is the easiest way to scientifically control the driver's use of a mobile phone.

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Talking on the phone while driving is a common problem that develops over time.Usually, we only need to prevent the mobile phone signal transmission and reception when the car is turned on, so that the smartphone is in a state of poor network signal, no signal or out of service area.Cellphone signal jammer is the easiest way to avoid traffic accidents caused by distracted mobile phones.It is undoubtedly very difficult for all drivers to concentrate on driving and prohibit the use of mobile phones.

Cell phone blocker is the easiest way to avoid traffic accidents People's self-control ability is often very poor.When texting, you're looking at your smartphone, not the street.According to the aforementioned GHSA study, 25% of all car crashes (ranging from minor to fatal) are caused by using a smartphone while driving.Many states have banned or planned to use cell phones while driving, yet many people ignore these bans and continue to cause collisions and dangerous situations.

I believe that drivers must hate the mobile phone at this time, because it is like a piece of Useless bricks.We may be distracted by eating and drinking (not alcohol, of course), talking to passengers, putting on makeup and listening to music, but cell phones and smartphones are the worst known existence today.But texting while driving is even worse! When you talk on the phone in the headset, your hands are free and you can look straight ahead.If this is your cell phone or smartphone, one of your hands is free and you are still looking straight ahead.

If you are a mobile phone addicted driver, it is recommended to buy a mobile phone jammer, which is to turn on it while driving to protect the safety of you, your passengers or your family.Many portable electronic devices, especially smartphones, have become more dangerous to American drivers over time.The results may be a bit shocking: smartphones are the factor that contributes to the larger percentage of driver distraction.

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