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Perfectjammer 2021/11/12

In this small dispute, the helplessness of the school pursuing the quality of teaching and the panic of the parents who cared for their children were all at a glance. But the "safe ending" of the story did not solve the problem that the school originally wanted to solve. The core of the problem is: how to make students abide by the school rules that prohibit the use of mobile phones in class, and devote themselves to learning! Students play with mobile phones in class, and there are clear pros and cons. Have parents repeatedly clarified this to their children? We can understand the original intention of parents to buy mobile phones for their children, but is it really difficult for parents to exert any influence on their children playing mobile phones in class? At the very least, when dealing with this issue, parents did not express their doubts and concerns in dozens of posts in the "Parent Discussion Community" of the middle school as they did with Miniinthebox Cell Phone Blocker . cell phone jammer When starting the device performance of the mobile phone signal jammer, it is still necessary to have a clear idea in the setting of technical parameters. This is also a change to better utilize the performance advantages of professional equipment. This is also to meet different shielding requirements. The core element that cannot be ignored, after all, this is still very helpful to strengthen the overall strength of the equipment application, especially once the cumbersome business process has been significantly simplified, it will naturally play an irreplaceable decisive role in improving the application level of the equipment. effect. In general, the more complex the network environment, the more the presence rate of mobile phone signals will increase significantly, and with the mature conditions in all aspects, different signal interference requirements can be met under the effect of # . I believe this It is of great reference value for the advantages of expanding the scope of equipment application, and at the same time, it can ensure that the overall utilization of equipment performance can be significantly improved, which is of great help to strengthen the overall strength of signal shielding.

Recently, a Florida high school teacher was suspended for five days for using Miniinthebox Cell Phone Blocker to block students’ cell phone signals in the classroom. According to relevant legal persons, the federal law prohibits the operation, promotion or sale of any type of signal jamming equipment because it will endanger important safety communications, such as the inability to call the police in time when there is a crisis. The person involved, science teacher Dean Liptak, argued that the signal jammers were deployed only to allow students to focus on the class rather than distract them from looking down at their phones from time to time. He said,