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How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Youtube

Perfectjammer 2021-10-15

How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Youtube

Now that the functions of mobile phones are getting more and more powerful, sometimes it feels that computers are useless, but in fact, the signal of the mobile phone can be shielded. If it is shielded, it will have no effect. Some people will worry a little, that is The performance of the mobile phone is so powerful, How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Youtube Can the mobile phone signal be blocked? The power of some signal jammers is relatively small, the shielding signal range is also small, and the ability of low-power mobile phone jammers to penetrate walls is poor. cell phone jammer There is basically no effect behind the wall, which means that whether the signal can be shielded depends on whether the mobile phone signal jammer you buy can match the place where you are, and it must be in an open area.

The distance between the base station and the mobile phone is also one of the factors that should be considered when buying a mobile jammer. If the distance between the base station is relatively long, one is enough, but if the distance has fallen below 500, then it’s a different matter. It may be an examination room. A How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Youtube is not enough. It may be necessary to increase the number of mobile phone jammers, or change signal jammers with a high success rate. When the magnetic field is not strong, it is enough to use two in five classrooms. If it is a double-row classroom, it is better to use two in ten classrooms, which saves trouble and money. But if you say a place with a strong magnetic field, the magnetic field affects the direction of electromagnetic waves, so the signal shielding effect will be very poor. At this time, it is necessary to use a stronger mobile phone jammer or increase the number to increase the shielding effect. Finally, everyone needs to pay attention to clearly understand their surrounding environment and the size of the place where they are used, and then decide the number of mobile phone signal jammers to buy.

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