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Cell Phone Block Single Legally

Perfectjammer 2021/11/17

Night vision device, scanning camera recorder, radar speedometer, Cell Phone Block Single Legally , electronic network monitoring and monitoring management equipment system, prohibited goods inspection and testing equipment, ID card recognition device, special channel walkie-talkie, video information collection vehicle, smart parking equipment, electronics Inspection system equipment, vehicle anti-theft and anti-robbery automatic alarm system and road traffic safety related supporting products, etc., can be described as everything, especially fixed, individual portable or vehicle-mounted monitoring equipment, which has strong information collection and discrimination capabilities, and can On-site real-time images will be transmitted to the US Police Command Center in the first time. Advanced police monitoring equipment and complete network technology have become an important technical foundation of the American social security prevention and control system. However, while the US police surveillance equipment series are modernized, automated, digitized, and sophisticated, they are also very fashionable and miniaturized. cell phone jammer

At present, the technological innovation and transformation of the American police Cell Phone Block Single Legally equipment series is developing towards miniaturization. Under the premise of increasing functions, whether it is portable, vehicle-mounted or fixed, it strives to become more compact. , Thereby increasing its concealment, mobility and deterrence. For example, a police surveillance telescope with an electronic network transmission function is actually an American police single-soldier portable telescope that combines a telescope and a TV relay device. When used, it can capture the audio and video information seen by the frontline police at the crime scene. Send to the command center immediately. It is small and exquisite, with complete functions. At the same time, it can carry out information interaction between the handheld electronic telescope and the police station command center. The police sitting in the command center office is like holding an electronic telescope to command operations on the front line. The US police like to refer to the miniaturized, automated and intelligent monitoring equipment series as "gadgets without wires."