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Block Your Number On Bell Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-8

Block Your Number On Bell Cell Phone

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the number of mobile phone users in China exceeded 900 million as early as a few years ago. The smart functions of mobile phones are now expanding. In addition to basic call and text messaging functions, they also have digital cameras, video cameras, voice recorders, More application functions such as Internet access. These smart phone applications have greatly facilitated communication between people, facilitated the transmission of information, and enriched people’s lives. However, while mobile phones are actively promoting social development, there are many problems caused by the proliferation of mobile phones. Coming shortcomings, Block Your Number On Bell Cell Phone prevents the excessive use of information. cell phone jammer

The current Block Your Number On Bell Cell Phone project has been able to do it for all types of mobile phone signals on the market: GSM (Mobile, China Unicom), CDMA, DCS (1800MHz), PSH (Little Smart), 3G (including TD, WCDMA, CDMA200), 4G Wait for all to be effectively shielded. If the customer needs to increase the shielding of WIFI and Bluetooth, it can also be added. The current mainstream mobile phone signal jammers usually work in two ways: 1. Simply install the mobile phone jammer to achieve the most basic mobile phone signal shielding function. 2. The mobile phone jammer + intelligent control system is the current intelligent mobile phone shielding solution in the same industry in China. It can realize remote centralized control of any one or a group of mobile phone jammers through a main control computer. The mobile phone signal jammer performs fault self-checking, alarming, and humanized management functions such as automatic timing control and unattended operation.

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