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Block Toll Free Numbers Cell Phone Control Cell Phone Devices In The Group

Perfectjammer 2022/06/12

The control function of the mobile phone signal shielding system includes remote point-to-point switch control of all mobile phone signal jammers in the jurisdiction through software, and multiple Block Toll Free Numbers Cell Phone can be grouped, the group name can be edited arbitrarily, and the group control function includes switch groups All cell phone signal jammers in this group can also query the working status of the cell phone signal jammers in this group. And the mobile phone signal shielding system can switch the mobile phone signal jammer on and off according to the set schedule for switching the mobile phone signal jammer. By the way, different groups can have different timing switches, which are suitable for various application scenarios. These most basic control functions are also one of the essential functions.

Recently, the School of Animal Science and Technology of Yangzhou University conducted a survey on the use of mobile phones by college students, and found that nearly 80% of the students in colleges and universities have the situation of using mobile phones during lectures, and most of them are chatting on the Internet and visiting social platforms. For such a situation, the school will install Block Toll Free Numbers Cell Phone into classroom teaching in 2021. I think it is not the best way for a college in Yangzhou to use Cell Phone Jammer to block students' mobile phone signals during the class period. First of all, using a mobile phone as a modern communication device, you can easily communicate with others anytime, anywhere, especially in some special emergencies; as a data transmission terminal, the mobile phone can accept the Internet resource communication of satellite signals. In the teaching environment, this can undoubtedly play a catalytic role. Naturally, the use of mobile phones in classroom teaching in colleges and universities is a double-edged sword. School leaders should actively carry out management and treat students correctly, so as to highlight the humanized services of colleges and universities.