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Block Number From Bell Cell Phone Can Be Effective Jamming

Perfectjammer 2022/06/08

It is precisely because today's shielding technology has been widely used that it has played an irreplaceable and important role in maintaining the order of the examination room, but it also increases the psychological pressure of the examiners. What to do with shielding the signal lacks the necessary solutions, so it is impossible to ensure a significant improvement in test scores. Under such an objective background, it is natural to choose Block Number From Bell Cell Phone equipment through the transformation of shielding thinking, and it is still very important to use it as an effective interference to shielding equipment. Of great help, the key is that it can be fully satisfied in combination with different shielding requirements. All in all, there are relatively many maintenance measures for examination room discipline, and signal shielding equipment is only one of the important means. If you lack professional knowledge about how to shield signals in the exam, you can use more professional anti-shielding equipment to solve it. , which is of great help to the improvement of test scores. The key is that it can play an anti-shielding role in signal interference under the same conditions, so it is not surprising that it can be widely used in test venues.

From the actual application of the college entrance examination room Block Number From Bell Cell Phone , some regional rules of the college entrance examination room letter shielding instrument have already ensured that the 5G frequency band 3400MHz-3600MHz and 4800MHz-4900MHz frequency bands are shielded, which has already covered the N78 and N79 of China Telecom and China Unicom. All frequency bands, but China Mobile's N41 frequency band is in the middle of 2515MHz to 2675MHz, which does not have signal shielding within the scope of the suppression of the instrument, so the test room can access 5G signals, it is clear that this frequency band is not covered. You also need to fully consider the hazards of the specific application conditions of Cell Phone Jammer , including shielding the place where it is placed, the relative height, obstacles, and the location of the communication base station. Yes, there is even a chance that the signal shielding is not properly turned on. To find out the real reason why the 5G signal was not successfully shielded in the examination room, it is necessary to have a wireless communication unit to conduct research to determine whether it is a communication base station signal or a satellite communication signal, and to certify the result of the signal shielding instrument.