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Cell Phone Text Block Retrieval To Improve Signal

Perfectjammer 2022/01/09

Playing the King of Glory does not freeze the network, "The signal is also good when returning to the countryside", "The signal on the train is also stable", recently, Cell Phone Text Block Retrieval has been on the hot search. Some merchants claim that as long as a sticker is placed on the back of the phone, the signal of the cell phone can be enhanced. Some merchants claim that the signal speed is increased by 80% after use; some merchants claim that they use Qualcomm technology; Generations, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and even 23rd generation products are available. However, many experts said that " Cell Phone Jammer " is not reliable, and merchants are suspected of exaggerating the effect when selling related products. In real life, many mobile phone users often encounter the "trouble" of unstable mobile network and good time difference of signal, which not only affects the normal Internet speed, but also affects the experience of information browsing, and even affects work. As a result, some businesses have launched "mobile phone signal jammers" in a timely manner, claiming that they can meet the needs of mobile phone users to improve their signals. But no matter how you look at it, this looks like a product that collects IQ tax and cuts "leeks".

On this side, some businesses claim that " Cell Phone Text Block Retrieval " can intelligently amplify mobile phone signals, and can be fully applied in basements, villas, mountainous areas, rural areas and other places, but on the other side, consumers said, "no effect at all", and experts Counterfeiting: The main factors that affect the strength of mobile phone signals are the distance of the signal base station, the density of crowds, and the antenna of the mobile phone. The so-called mobile phone signal jammer is neither powered by electricity nor connected to the built-in antenna of the mobile phone. It is impossible to increase the signal in the air. Therefore, businesses that claim that "mobile phone signal jammers" can enhance the signal are just "big fudges" in the name of high-tech. Don't trust a product like this. To pierce the "flickering trick" of "mobile phone signal jammers", it is inseparable from "joint efforts to encircle and suppress". First, regulation must be in place. Market supervision, Internet information and other departments should actively assume the main responsibility for supervision, form a linkage mechanism, and increase supervision over false advertisements of "pseudo-tech" products. False advertising information on social platforms to prevent them from deceiving consumers. In the aspect of law enforcement, the relevant departments should adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards the illegal behavior of fooling consumers in the name of "black technology". If one is found to be investigated and punished, the fined should be fined, the banned should be banned, and it should be included in the "blacklist" " will also be included in the "blacklist" to force them to abide by the law, earnestly fulfill the sales contract, and operate with integrity.