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12-16 Bands Large Range Cellphone Jamming

This type of jammers has the largest range of interference.In addition to interfering with all cell phone signals, it can also interfere with signals of many frequencies. It is the most popular interference device at present. This kind of equipment is also government procurement at present most jammer device. Usually, government is used for schools and prisons. Some businesses, such as cinemas, cafes and other places. At the same time, some military agencies are using the devices

This cellphone jammers is often used in theaters, prisons, educational institutions, churches and other places which need to be isolated. As the most powerful jamming device at present, the effective radius of this device is over 70 meters. It can cover a large space.

This kind of jammer is often used in large area because of its large interference range. Such as disciplinary institutions and places where confidentiality is required. In addition, law enforcement, military and other key government departments also often use such equipment.

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