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When the locator encounters a jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/29

  GPS devices can track the location of the device in real time by using these signals from multiple satellites. Using a series of calculations and data from these signals, GPS can triangulate and pinpoint locations within 7 meters about 95 percent of the time. These signals are low-power microwave frequencies that can travel great distances but are susceptible to interference due to their weaknesses.

When the locator encounters a jammer

  All satellites are constantly sending signals, but GPS devices use information from the nearest satellites to help determine your location.

  Since the signal blocker can usually only block a certain kind of signal, when the GPS signal is blocked, the GPS locator can actually switch to another signal positioning method to continue the task. Many locators, such as Boschie, have dual positioning modes (GPS+LBS). When the GPS satellite signal is blocked, it can intelligently switch to the LBS signal and use the nearby mobile base station to continuously locate the car.

  GPS jammers devices are designed to prevent GPS devices and satellites from stopping communication. Therefore, you can prevent the GPS device from accurately calculating the location.

  In fact, jammers can actually be subtly hacked by increasing the signal power of the device or bypassing the frequency band of the jamming frequency. However, this method is very difficult to implement, and it can also be blocked by the other party's high-energy jammer.

  The locator signal blocked by the GPS interceptor will be completely blocked, which directly leads to the offline of the GPS locator. Any locating and anti-theft features are the same as the counterfeit. After the GPS locator is unavailable, the car company will not be able to know the shape of the car in time, which will lead to difficulties in vehicle management and may also cause huge losses to the company!

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