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Desktop UAV Jammer Real Test indoor Video

Drone defense technology 2 4Ghz 5 8Ghz

In any case, there are more and more drones. Due to lack of control, many people's drones can travel around your home. These drones may spy on your privacy and steal your personal information at any time. Today we will introduce an effective way to protect ourselves.

When it comes to the most effective devices to combat UAV, it must be a uav jammer.So, we'll introduce you to the most popular drone jamming devices. This drone jammer can block 2.4 GHZ 5.8 GHZ and GPS signals. The maximum jammer range is 35 meters, which is the killer of low-altitude drones. 360 ° no dead Angle, accurate shot down UAV. The use of this jammer is simple. After installing the antenna, connect the power supply, turn on the switch to jam the UAV.

As seen in video, when the drone jammer is turned on, the drone cannot receive the signal and cannot take off. So, you can try this kind of product if you're dealing with a problem with a drone.