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High power signal transmission operating at the same frequency to realize telephone interference


  What is the sense of security living alone? It is the guarantee of a quiet and peaceful life.We guarantee quality, reliability and availability.Do not intentionally or maliciously interfere with radio communications, as this may have undesirably harmful consequences.It does so through high-power signal transmissions that operate on the same frequency as cell phones.Various means can be used.You can also use it in your car.Activates to disable enemy gadgets within the radius for a few seconds.A real life portable rf jammer is used to jam phone frequencies.Well received by customers.Especially limited to the space that needs shielding from radio waves.

transmissions frequency achieve jamming

  Improper use can be dangerous and important confidential material could be wiretapped, stolen or misused.Interrupt the transmission of a specific radio/satellite station.Work more efficiently.Cell phone jammer scans channels from low frequency to high frequency.You can work long hours.Use a high-performance aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat.There is a cooling fan on the back of the radio signal blocker.It can be installed on the car and is very convenient to use.Easily block trackers that can follow you.Protection against surveillance and espionage.It does many things.Designed to prevent information disclosure.

  Using it wisely can make a big difference.The electromagnetic signal emitted by the radio signal shielding device only blocks radio communication signals within the shielded position.remain relatively still.Mobile jammer will not affect other electronic devices.The electromagnetic signal emitted by the jammer is weak and harmless to the human body.Blocks phone and base station signals.The shielding effect depends on the environment.In general, the outdoor signal shielding signal is wider than the indoor signal.There may also be imperfect mobile jammers that don't fit their function.Communications must be prohibited with the user's consent.

  It consists of a power supply and optional remote control to suit your needs.However, there are pros and cons to this product.There are mobile jammers that keep information safe and eliminate the possibility of audio and video recordings.It can work in different signal blocking ranges such as Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, 3G, 4G, etc.We provide a safe space by blocking the communication signals of wired snoopers.Some people use radio jammers.Disable all data functions, such as internet access.It is important to use GPS jammers for legitimate purposes.Doing so may damage other electronic equipment.Even in this case, mobile phones and PHS will show that they are not in the service area.

  Jammers can be used to block external communications and are designed for security and privacy.Can jammers ensure complete security in all areas? There are a few ways to help protect confidential information.There are jammers that allow you to selectively suppress most channels of information transmission.The multifunctional Radio signal blocker is a new type of high-tech information security product researched and developed.You may restrict the use of radio communication devices.Smartphones bring great convenience.popular with many young people.It makes communication impossible.