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Can Telemarketer Call Block Cell Phone Be Carried Illegally?

Perfectjammer 2022/04/15

Telemarketer Call Block Cell Phone

From the Ministry of Education's point of view, data protection laws allow the use of devices that scan a specific frequency range and only indicate the presence of a connected mobile device in the room, not a specific location, as no personal data is processed. The question, however, is whether the use of such devices is reasonable or useful, and therefore necessary. In public schools in Baden-Württemberg, even carrying a mobile phone with you is a deception due to special regulations that apply to mobile phones. Due to this Telemarketer Call Block Cell Phone device effect can be easily bypassed, for example if the phone is switched to airplane mode, the scanner will not be able to perform the function it is checked for. In this case, the frequency meter cannot detect the cell phone jammer device; but it can still be carried illegally, which in turn is a form of spoofing.

Mr. Zhao, who lives on Nanchang Road, is doing business and is very dissatisfied with his mobile phone being blocked for two days. On Saturday, he said, he had made an appointment with a client for business. After waiting for a day, he did not see the mobile phone and made a call, but the other party's mobile phone still could not be connected. At night, customers call and complain that their phones are "out of service" all day long, leaving them confused. He called 10086 and asked, only to find out that it was an exam from a nearby school, and he used Telemarketer Call Block Cell Phone . Mr. Zhao said that in the past, there was also a problem of poor mobile phone signal at home. There were mid-term and final exams in nearby schools, and there were unified foreign language exams, self-study exams, and accounting exams.

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