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Handheld GSM Disruptors

Cell phone jammer work in one of two ways. Some devices set their signal to the same frequency as pagers and mobile phones, cutting off communication between handsets and base stations. Others work as electronic filters that fool mobile phones into thinking there are no frequencies available to make or receive calls. Manufacturers of the devices say the jamming only affects the designated area (most radii are a couple dozen to several hundred feet) and works only on cellular transmissions.

GSM jammer prevent phones from working. They're being used in cars, public places and exam halls. They aren't new -- they've been around for years, but use of jammers is growing fast.

Blocking signal equipments has been used at times by the governments of Israel, Germany, Cuba, Iraq, Iran (Iraq and Iran war at1980–1988), China, North and South Korea and other Latin American countries, also by Ireland against pirate radio stations. In the modern era such equipments are still used for military activity to confront the enemy invasion and to defend army positions.

GSM jamming device for sale are also used by the type of people like police, army and other government agencies for a favorable purposes, such as safety of citizens.

Currently, GSM jamming devices are more used in civilian areas. It is often used in a variety of public places. To ensure a quiet environment. Such as cinemas, libraries, restaurants, classrooms, etc., need to interfere with equipment.

At the same time, if you want a quiet time to sleep, you'll have a good night's sleep when you use this jamming device during your break.

Frequency GSM Disruptors Handheld 5 Bands

5 Bands high performance portable mobile phone disruptor. Can jam all GSM signals. All bands have a separate switch, very convenient, select jammer band as needed. While blocker CDMA / GSM signals.

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Disruptor GSM 3G Network

This is a professional grade GSM disruptor device. Can be used in car directly,With car charger and AC charger and your can select a jamming frequency from six bands as your need. Because has 8 bands so it has a very large range of block, can jamming a variety of frequency bands. It is very convenient jamming equipment

$350.99 $584.48 More

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