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Remote Control Disruptors GSM

The FCC just issued (PDF) a Special Temporary Authorization to allow the DC Department of Corrections to test a gsm jammer technology. This technology sounds like an excellent solution to a serious problem: The illicit use of cell phones inside correctional facilities by prisoners across the country. In particular, the technology appears to be “directional,” meaning that unlike traditional jammers, which simply block signals within a certain radius around the jammer, this technology appears to be capable of blocking signals inside the confines of a particular room or building. In fact, I’m sure millions of Americans would love to see such technologies implemented in cinemas, theatres, and other performing arts venues across the country. I, for one, am tired of having the exquisite acoustic delicacies of Bach interrupted by annoying ring tones.

In four Monterrey churches, Israeli-made cell phone jammer the size of paperbacks have been tucked unobtrusively among paintings of the Madonna and statues of the saints. The jarring polychromatic din of ringing cell phones is increasingly being thwarted — from religious sanctuaries to India's parliament to Tokyo theaters and commuter trains — by devices originally developed to help security forces avert eavesdropping and thwart phone-triggered bombings. The Indian parliament had jammers installed after politicians ignored requests to turn off their cell phones and legislative sessions were constantly interrupted. In Italy, universities started using the blockers after discovering that cell phone-savvy teenagers were cheating on exams by sending text messages or taking pictures of tests.

The use of mobile phones is so widespread that some people may affect others or use them for improper purposes. But in any case, the interference device always has more advantages than disadvantages. This is why jammer devices are getting more and more attention, and more and more people need it.

Desktop 8 Bands GSM 3G Lojack Signals Killers

This Desktop Jammers has a very good heat dissipation, with two cooling fans, can work all day long. The use of slow start circuit design to avoid the mechanical switch generated by the phenomenon of ignition. The use of high hardness black aluminum shell, improve product heat dissipation. On both sides of the inlet, the outlet symmetrical layout of the formation of convection, two silent fans will heat out to ensure that the host work stable.

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Signal Killer for GSM GPS WIFI

This product is all used patch and high-density integrated circuits, with advanced performance, small size, easy to carry, easy to operate. Has small size, easy to carry, easy to operate. The whole production process strictly follow the ISO900 quality system, and through the CE certification, stable and reliable.

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