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Network GSM service disruptor

GSM jammer are tools that are designed to disable the mobile phones in the neighborhood for as long as the phones are within the area of the cell phone jammer. These are little or large tools that have the sole aim of blocking the signals of the telephone absolutely so that they become out of reach. The dependence on Mobile phone Networks is worldwide. The success and growing in mobile networks becomes troublesome and annoying sometimes by the ringing of mobile phones, especially in places where silence is required such as Mosques, University lecture rooms, libraries, concert halls, meeting rooms etc.

Communication Cell phone jammer were first developed and used by military. This interest comes from the fundamental objective of denying the successful transport of information from the sender (tactical commanders) to the receiver (the army personnel), and vice-versa. Nowadays, mobile (or cell) phones are becoming essential tools in our daily life. Needless to say, the wide use of mobile phones could create some problems as the sound of ringing becomes annoying or disrupting. This could happen in some places like conference rooms, law courts, libraries, lecture rooms and mosques. One way to stop these disrupting ringings is to install a device in such places which will inhibit the use of mobiles, i.e., make them obsolete. Such a device is known as GSM Disruptors, which is basically some kind of electronic countermeasure device. It is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations.

Recently GSM jamming equipment also began to gradually turn to civilian use. Most are used in restaurants, libraries, cinemas and other public places. It is mainly used to maintain order in public places and keep quiet environment. When you encounter rude people on these occasions, try using your GSM jamming device.

At present, Japan, China, Russia and other countries have started to invest and use jamming devices. And Europe is trying to use jamming devices.

Power Adjustable 6 Bands GSM Disruptor

This disruptor device can jamming all cell phone signals such as 2G, 3G , 4G. Except for cell phone signals, it can also jamming WiFi and PHS signals. This desktop jammers has the output power adjustable function. Your can adjust the blocker range as needed. Has highly efficient double fans with a low noise make the device in a good cooling and continuous work. Each frequency channel can be controlle separately. Jamming range can be up to 30 meters

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Desktop GSM Disruptors Power Adjustable

This disruptor has a power adjustment function, according to the need to adjust the jamming range. At the same time with remote control function, no need to personally open the switch. The equipment can be used in conference rooms, gas stations, hospitals, theaters, recording studios, banks, churches, classrooms, houses, etc. This device can be efficiently each channel power adjustable. The output power and coverage radius can be adjusted by the switch on the machine. Can be single channel control

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