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Network GSM Disruptors

Have you ever been caught in line at a fast food restaurant behind someone that won’t turn off his cell phone and place his order? Have you ever been caught in your morning bus commute, being forced to listen to every detail of last night’s escapades from one of the other commuters? Have you ever gone to see a film, just listen to other viewers chatting by cell phone?

If you've ever been in a situation like this, you'll probably like GSM jammer immediately. Use it, and you will get the following benefits immediately:

1. Immediately a noisy ringing phone said goodbye.
2. Enjoy a real movies.
3. Enjoy a quiet and elegant meal.

At the same time, the Cell phone jammer is portable, and you can keep a quiet space at any time. If you don't want to be interrupted by some phone calls and irrelevant conversations, then GSM jamming devices are necessary. Especially when you're in the library.

Imagine using this device, you can enjoy a quiet movie in a movie theater. You can focus your attention in the library or in the conference room. What could be better than that?

Whether you want a quiet lunch or a comfortable movie, the device can be your best friend.

Photo Frame Style GSM Disruptor Device

This disruptors Using a new photo-frame design, has a very high hidden performance. Able to jamming all cell phone signals, allowing you to enjoy a quiet moment. Output power of each band can be adjusted by knob and jamming range can be regulated. wireless remote control available to ON/OFF the device in a range of 10 meters. Each band has a separate switch and has LED display light. Super hidden photo frame type jammers, built-in 7 bands jamming device, can block with the vast majority of mobile phone signals. Applicable to church, court, office and other places

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Mini Protable 2G 3G Network Disruptors

This product for all the GSM system features, in the use of this product radius of 2-15 meters within the effective 2G signal truncated. Effectively block with GSM signals, to protect your whereabouts of privacy and confidential information. Not affect the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment. Ultra-small mini Jammer can be used blocker 2G 3G signal, effective range in radius 15 meters, you can not worry about being tracked

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