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Network CDMA Disruptor GSM

A mobile phone jamming device is a common tool that is utilized to avoid the transmission of cell network signals to the mobile phones, hereby jamming all the phones. There are opportunities when we meet some people who don’t understand the mobile telephone etiquette and talk loudly on telephones in social locations such as temples, libraries and theatrical houses. Those are places where the necessity of a mobile phone jamming device appears. Mobile phones are simply like those two-way radio stations and likewise, it’s probable to jam the signals approaching to the mobile phone. This may be done utilizing the gsm jammer.

Many students (high school and college) actively engage in cheating by texting, calling, and photographing. The issue of cyber-bullying (often done via cell phone) is also very real, with many states legislating that school district implement anti-bullying campaigns. We should also look at the impact on a student's education when they have the constant distraction of a cell phone that might be recieving a text or a call during class time. If there is one legitimate place to use cell phone jammer for a real cause, the classroom would be the place. Today's kids have grown up with this technology and have come to assume some entitilement to use it whenever and wherever. If parents cannot or will not teach responsible use, maybe the school systems could help out by simply installing devices that negate the use of that technology in certain places. If emergencies arise that involve the students or teachers, the land-lines would still work just fine (like they have for quite some time).

Due to the poor self-control ability of students, the school is the main use place of GSM jamming equipment. At the same time, libraries, cafes, theaters and other places are also very much in need of such equipment. All these places need a quiet environment.

At present, China, Russia and Italy have begun to use jamming devices in schools to ensure students' learning quality. Cinemas in some European countries are also introducing jamming devices to prevent viewers from being interrupted while they watch. The French ministry of education is planning to use mobile phone jammers on campus.

GSM Network GPS CDMA Disruptors

All GPS Jammer Handheld 5 Bands has can choose a variety of frequency bands base on needs. In addition to being able to jam with all GPS, also can blocker 2G, 3G,4G, WiFi signal. Can jammer 2.4GWIFI and wireless transmission signal. Small size, , light weight, large coverage, easy to carry.

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6 Bands Hidden Multifunctional Signal Killers

It applies to Police, Bomb disposal squads, VIP protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), military security forces, bomb squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, Border control units, checkpoint personnel and so on. Such types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from the deployment of any state in the art portable RF jamming solutions,who can conduct the law enforcement process more effectively to reduce the chance that the criminals leak the information. Can simultaneously or individually jamming six different frequencies, your can block different bands as needed. Has a good heat dissipation system, can guarantee a long time continuous normal work.

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