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Signals CDMA GSM Killer

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and consider a similar problem: annoying cellphone users. If you want to silence that annoyance, nothing so crude as a nerve pinch is required; science has provided a technological answer: cell phone jammer.

Electronically speaking, cell-phone jammers are very basic devices. The simplest just have an on/off switch and a light that indicates it's on. More complex deviceshave switches to activate jamming at different frequencies.

Several theater chains are becoming vigilant in preventing cell phone use during a movie - could small radius jammers be a safe and physically unobtrusive alternative in these situations? Granted, the glow from a cell phone is almost as annoying as the accompanying conversation, but blocking phone transmissions within parts of a large public venue does not prevent communication of wide-scale emergency alerts, as long as the entire area is not blanketed by jammers.

It is quite easy to see gsm jammer installed in the majority of theaters, concert halls, sporting events, and religious venues within the next decade. With the constant attention of public manners, it is inevitable to use jamming devices.

In any case, the presence of mobile phones in these places has always had a bad effect. So in order to avoid the abuse of mobile phones, and politely remind them, GSM jamming equipment is indispensable. That is why analysts say the demand for jamming devices will double in 2017 from a year earlier.

6 Bands GSM/3G Signal Killers

This jammer device can jamming all cell phone signals such as GSM/CDMA, 3G , 4G. Except for cell phone signals, it can also jamming WiFi and PHS signals. This desktop jammers has the output power adjustable function. Your can adjust the blocker range as needed. Has adjustable output power design makers use more convenient. Each frequency channel can be controlle separately. Jamming range can be up to 30 meters.

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Desktop GSM Signals Killers

The desktop signals killer can jam 12 bands, can block all cell phone signal, vhf, uhf, 315 mhz, lojack. At the same time can also be power adjustment. Has a good cooling system with heat sink and 2 big on top fans+4 small fans inside, low noise. Each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power from Max to OFF(0). Has 100% Safe VSWR over protection for each modular. Has ultra-wide jamming bands, able to jamming the vast majority of common frequency band.

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