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Shungite Blocks Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-26

Shungite Blocks Cell Phone

The most advanced portable Shungite Blocks Cell Phone can prevent the emission of radio waves and prevent radio waves from the portable device to the base. This product can also be used as a telephone jammer. It corresponds to most signal frequency bands and can prevent harmful radio waves. It is also dedicated to the GPS signal frequency band, so you can protect your privacy and confidentiality. You can block the radio signals you want to block in a way that people notice. If someone sets you up, don’t worry. It is concealed. It is black and does not pay attention to people. This cell phone jammer uses machines, and voyeuristic devices like eavesdropping devices are the most suitable. You can stop others from peeking at you. I am not afraid anymore. Continuous use for an extended period of time is extremely dangerous, because it will cause the host to heat up. So take a break before using it! Depending on the distance from the base and obstacles and other conditions, the radio wave blocking range of the WiFi interference machine may be different. Please note! If the distance between the mobile phone and the base station is close, the radio waves are very strong, and the original effect may not appear. Or, depending on the model, it may take some time to stop the service, or the radio waves may weaken but the service will not stop. cell phone jammer

The frequency bands around 3.5G and 5G of China Telecom and China Unicom are in conflict with my country's radio and television satellite wireless reception channels. If a 5G base station happens to have a satellite signal receiving station nearby, it will seriously affect the TV signal, causing local radio, film and television bureaus to complain about the local operator. Operators also had to spend a lot of money to buy Shungite Blocks Cell Phone equipment for the radio and television. This is a very unfriendly behavior for operators, but it affects our normal lives and there is no signal around us.

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