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Cell Phone Adult Content Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021-11-22

Cell Phone Adult Content Blocker

The college entrance examination is the focus of social attention, and cheating is even more exciting to the people's nerves. The news of "Hubei college entrance examination candidates cheating with 5G mobile phones in the examination room" just happened, and public opinion has thrown the pot to 5G. The 5G towers in the UK were burned to prevent the transmission of the new crown virus to the Indian people. They are convinced that 5G signals can spread the new crown virus. Like a man. The showman belongs to the advocates of 5G launch. Of course, he doesn’t want to let 5G back the pot, but he doesn’t dare to offend others. So I use the professional knowledge of radio technology to introduce Cell Phone Adult Content Blocker . Anyway, it is dead and blocked, so I can’t speak, but , And it's not asking it to take the blame. The so-called mobile phone jammer is a common name for equipment that shields mobile phone signals. Some experts say that it cannot be called shielding, but should be called power suppression. Professional theory says that shielding prevents devices from emitting electromagnetic waves, and these devices emit stronger electromagnetic waves. In order to suppress the signal of the mobile phone, the effect that the mobile phone cannot be connected is achieved. cell phone jammer

Perhaps these experts did not learn the theory of relativity well. Shielding and suppression are relative. Compared with the base station, the mobile phone signals in the examination room are not allowed to send out normally. It can also be said to be shielded from a certain angle. The working principle of Cell Phone Adult Content Blocker is to transmit strong messy signals of all mobile phone signal frequencies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G frequency points. Because there are many frequency points, you can see that the mobile phone jammer has nearly ten antennas extended. It can be said that it is a product with many antennas. 5G is a new spectrum, and it has been commercially available for nearly two years. I don’t know if this test room has updated the latest mobile phone jammer to deal with 5G. In addition, the 700MHz 5G network of Radio and Television has just begun to build a station, and the mobile phone jammer may not have dealt with this frequency. The model is produced, besides, 5G mobile phones may not support this frequency. The possibility of sneaking out from this frequency is unlikely.

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