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Blu Cell Phone Block Number

Perfectjammer 2021-11-24

Blu Cell Phone Block Number

Currently, with the official approval of the National Telecommunications Administration (Anatel), only 10 models of this type of interference device called "gps transmitter interference" are currently on sale. However, the fact is that non-genuine products can be purchased for free at 110-2000 reais on the Internet. Since 2009, the Federal Police has arrested 430 people, including telecommunications experts. With the popularity of the Global Positioning System (GPS), radio jamming devices have begun to be used, the main purpose of which is to interfere with GPS radio wave transmission, making it impossible to confirm the current location. According to data from NTC & Logistics, more than 15,000 truck cargo robbers were identified last year alone, with a total loss estimated at 1 billion reais. The company’s president said: “A truck was robbed a few hours later and was found in a shopping mall after Marginal Pinheiros was suddenly unable to confirm its current location via GPS,” Jammer said. In addition to use in public institutions, there seem to be some Blu Cell Phone Block Number (smartphone radio wave rejection) devices on the market. Although the frequency bands allocated by mobile phones and smartphones are frequency bands with a certain width, not part of it, what is the mechanism for devices to interfere with radio waves in various frequency bands? According to the website of a public agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications HP), the interference radio waves are not weak and comply with the Radio Law. ... Obviously... In this case, even the radio waves of the phone itself, if used for a long time, may have an adverse effect on health (especially the brain). There are also rumors. If it is not weak (concert halls in public institutions, some movie theaters, etc.), radio wave interference to a large number of transmitters (mobile phones, mobile terminals, etc.) will not cause any adverse effects on the human body. it? After all, a deterrent device that "completely" realizes the deterrence function of mobile phones and PHSs is illegal without permission. The reason for insisting on "complete" is that without actual measurement, it is impossible to judge whether it is illegal. cell phone jammer

There may be incomplete deterrence that cannot perform its function. On the other hand, people worry that mobile communication jammers that meet this function may cause some harmful effects. In response to such a question, the Donghai Comprehensive Communications Bureau replied: "Depending on the equipment, there is a risk of damaging other electronic equipment." By the way, it seems that it can only be obtained in places such as concert halls, theaters, and libraries with a clear purpose of use. Blu Cell Phone Block Number License of the device. Even in this case, careful procedures are required, such as obtaining consent from the user to prohibit communication with mobile phones, etc. If you use it without permission, you will violate the Radio Law as an illegal station (same station) (up to 1 year in prison or up to 500,000 yen fine). In addition, on the 4th of this month, a robbery of 100,000 reais occurred in an apartment in Sao Paulo by searching for eavesdropping devices. It is believed that the three suspects invaded the apartment by using jamming devices to prevent the victim's mobile phones and other devices from receiving radio waves. The guards of the building called to inform residents of the incident, but testified that they could not connect to the phone due to radio interference.

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