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Javascript Blocker GPS

Perfectjammer 2021-11-23

Javascript Blocker GPS

Mobile phones are popular, and normal frequency bands and common frequency bands include GSM, CDMA, DCS, and PCS. And now, the development of high-tech and 3G signals is also on the market. In this case, gps jammer can help many people. And this frequency band is widely used in countries all over the world. Many people are negatively affected by mobile phones, because these communication mobile phone frequency bands allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other easily. With a product that can block all GPS phones with one click, anyone can easily block radio waves, no matter what type of GPS is installed on a commercial vehicle or company car. Although it is a small and light Javascript Blocker GPS , its effective radio wave blocking range is very wide and it is very convenient to carry. The body is equipped with a cooling fan.

There are many GPS tracking applications (current location tracking function) on your smartphone. Even if it is installed privately, there are many situations that people don't notice, which is the same as someone constantly monitoring the behavior. Using Javascript Blocker GPS , you can protect your privacy from GPS tracking apps. If the distance between the mobile phone and the base station is relatively close, the original effect may not appear due to strong radio waves. Depending on the phone model, it may take some time to stop the service. Depending on the specification environment, the effective range may be narrowed. In addition, depending on the mobile phone manufacturer, it may not be effective for things that are easy to respond and things that are difficult to respond, or for certain models. The attached antenna is separate for each carrier, so please be careful when installing it. The base of each antenna is very fragile in structure, so please be careful not to put load on this part. Do not use it for prank or harassment purposes.

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