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Block Person On Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-23

Block Person On Cell Phone

In the early days, many units and companies installed Block Person On Cell Phone in meeting rooms on the grounds of keeping secrets or protecting trade secrets; even in order to ensure the quietness of the meeting place, they also used mobile phone jammers. What's more, the movie theaters had also installed mobile phone signal jammers. The person who put up the score was blocked when he was watching a movie, and was unable to answer the phone, which caused an irreversible accident. Since then, he has never gone to the cinema again to watch a movie. I would like to remind everyone that the radio transmission equipment is regulated by law. See the official account of "Putting the Musicians": Original/Jiangbian Furnace. The mobile phone signal is pure electromagnetic waves. What does it matter if a few megabytes of data flow? Why do I have to pay? The Radio Administration is the “police” of airwaves. These mobile phone signal jammers are also managed by them. You can't shield the sky for no reason, right? Unless you can prove that this airspace is your territory, it is an offence. As for how to produce, sell, buy, and use mobile phone signal jammers, you can consult with local radio administrations, and the public account of "Publishers" can also publish this information. cell phone jammer

These mobile phone signals are only shielded against mobile phone frequency points. These frequency points are only one of the many communication spectrums. In order to prevent criminals from using other communication devices to cheat on the college entrance examination, they have to rely on the radio control "police" of the Radio Administration. During the period, their radio detection vehicles have to patrol the examination rooms, guarding the sky of the examination room, and ensuring that the examination room for the college entrance examination is a clean place with radio waves. Hubei college entrance examination candidates cheating on mobile phones in the examination room will be officially announced by the authorities. Wait for the official news. Don't just throw the pot or guess out of thin air. Let the bullets fly for a while. Everything is subject to the official. From the perspective of communication technology, the showman just introduces the knowledge of Block Person On Cell Phone this product, which is purely a technical article in the industry and is not used for other purposes. At the same time, it is also a popularization of the radio law.

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