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Anti recording jammer, a telephone encryption device that makes speech difficult to understand


If you also plan to install anti-tapping jammers in your home and office to prevent eavesdropping, you can browse perfectjammer's radio jammer page, where there are different styles of professional anti recording jamming devices to provide you with privacy protection.If used by an unlicensed person, it may violate the Radio Management Act and heavy fines may be imposed.Wiretapping or recording equipment can only record noisy background sounds, and your voice is completely drowned out by background interference.

Detachable Gun-Type Drone Jammer

Yes, through research, scientists have found that all recording equipment is suppressed by technology, so that the recording equipment cannot record normally; more precisely, it uses a device called "Anti recording jammer" to emit irregular white noise technology.The models that shield and prevent radio wave interference can reach up to 2,4Ghz, but cannot exceed 2,4Ghz.There are two types of phone encryptors: those that block and jam radio waves, and those that make speech unintelligible.

Generally speaking, white noise interference can be understood as when you turn on the radio or use a music player to play music while chatting with your friends, and the two of you talk about some more private topics under the cover of the sound of the radio or player.A walkie-talkie-sized anti-tap jammer can protect the privacy of your apartment or room from eavesdroppers.

The premise is that your voice should not be higher than the volume of background interference, and this natural interference sound is different from the white noise of professional recording jammers.However, this method of preventing interference has some caveats.The 3G/4G mobile phone jammer that the general public can buy have very limited performance.This natural interference sound can be stripped by professional sound processing software in the later stage.

In addition, the types of unpleasant sounds are not as the name suggests, as long as you make it unpleasant, you can completely eliminate your own voice.Both can be used to prevent eavesdropping.Also, in some locations, a license may be required for the use of interfering devices.Professional anti eavesdropping jammers cannot be stripped even with professional sound processing software.

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