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Cell Phone Holder That Does Not Block Air Vent Affects Nearby Residents

Perfectjammer 2022/04/12

Cell Phone Holder That Does Not Block Air Vent

Since our country's laws guarantee citizens' freedom of communication and confidentiality, no other individual or organization may infringe upon citizens' freedom of communication, except for public security organs and procuratorial organs for reasons of national security. If the installation of Cell Phone Holder That Does Not Block Air Vent schools makes it impossible for the surrounding residents to communicate normally, it will violate the citizens' right to freedom of communication. Residents have the right to ask the other party to stop the infringement, eliminate the impact or obtain corresponding damages. As a school, it is best to use technical means to make the shielding range of cell phone jammer accurate without affecting the surrounding residents. If it's technically impossible, it's best to fulfill the notification obligation before installing a cell phone jammer. So that the surrounding residents can be fully prepared. The installation of wireless signal jammers in schools has affected the surrounding residents a lot, and many residents around the school are troubled by this. The relevant departments should regulate whether mobile phone shields can be installed in the examination room. As for how schools should use mobile phone jammers to prevent fraud, while not affecting surrounding residents, this contradiction is worth thinking about. Hopefully there will be a better way to reconcile this contradiction in the future. Operating mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers, providing complete mobile phone wireless signal jammers, mobile phone jammers, GPS signal jammers, wireless WIFI mobile phone signal shielding products and one-stop signal shielding solutions for school exams.

On March 14 this year, this office received a report from China Mobile Changsha Branch. In the southeast area of ​​Changsha Base Station, since late January 2018, someone has privately installed Cell Phone Holder That Does Not Block Air Vent The mobile communication signal quality is poor, and normal calls cannot be made. Phone and regional data traffic is severely lost, causing severe interference to public mobile communications. Coordination and communication have not been eliminated many times. Please assist the radio management department in the investigation and file a case for investigation. After accepting the application, the Changsha Radio Management Department immediately organized the municipal radio monitoring station to conduct electromagnetic environment testing around the complaint area, identified the units involved, preserved evidence, summoned the parties involved in the case, made on-site investigation records, and seized 4 mobile phone signal jammers. Issue the "Notice of Rectification Order". After nearly 10 days of investigation and evidence collection, it was found that the Hunan branch of a car service company in Zhejiang Province illegally installed and used a mobile phone signal jammer in the rental garage for the benefit of the company, which seriously interfered with the company's business activities. public mobile communications. The facts are confessed, and corresponding punishment shall be given in accordance with the law.

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