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Five Channel Electronic Jamming Drone Anti Shield Dp Black Picture

Instructions: 1.900MHz/1.2G/1.6G/2.4G/5.8G is fully open, and the UAV is forced to land. (For the UAV's own flight control system without the function of forced landing, it cannot be forced to land) 2. When 2.4G/5.8G is turned on, the drone loses control when the GPS is turned off, and the drone returns to flight at this time. 3. First select the "Band Button Switch" to determine the function that needs to counter the drone. 4. Align the front of the device with the drone. At this time, the "frequency band button switch" displays "blue light", indicating that it has started to work. Adjusting the direction as the drone moves can better counter the drone. 5. "Power display" can know the power status, check the power after each use, if it is lower than 30%, it needs to be charged in time.

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