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Five channel unmanned aerial vehicle anti blockers

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Technical Specifications
Product Features:


1.900MHz/1.2G/1.6G/2.4G/5.8G is fully open, and the UAV is forced to land. (For the UAV's own flight control system without the function of forced landing, it cannot be forced to land)

2. When 2.4G/5.8G is turned on, the drone loses control when the GPS is turned off, and the drone returns to flight at this time.

3. First select the "Band Button Switch" to determine the function that needs to counter the drone.

4. Align the front of the device with the drone. At this time, the "frequency band button switch" displays "blue light", indicating that it has started to work. Adjusting the direction as the drone moves can better counter the drone.

5. "Power display" can know the power status, check the power after each use, if it is lower than 30%, it needs to be charged in time.

Function State Remark
Return 2.4G/5.8G open Point the device at the drone, and the drone will drive away and return to the take-off position
Forced Landing 900MHz/1.2G/1.6G/2.4G/5.8G fully open For drones whose own flight control system has no forced landing function, forced landing is not possible
Parameter Name Parameter Details
Working Frequency Band/Power 860-930MHz / Power 10W
1170-1280MHz / Power 10W
1550-1620MHz / Power 10W
2400-2483MHz / Power 30W
5725-5850MHz / Power 30W
Battery Capacity 24v10a/H
Countermeasures Return
Counter Range 1km
Counter Angle 30°
Battery Life 40 Minutes
Charging Method 29.4v Charging Adapter
Size Length Height And Thickness: 228*26*337mm
Weight 4.15kg
Remarks: Oem Customization: Module Frequency Band, Power, Silk Screen Can Be Customized According To Customer Requirements
Product Informations

A directional shield-type UAV countermeasure device with built-in lithium battery, easy to operate, and can realize single-frequency control. The UAV is forced to return. And after the UAV is controlled, the image transmission channel is cut off, and it will not be able to transmit video, aerial photos, or receive any instructions from the ground remote control, so as to achieve the protection of key areas and prevent privacy from being leaked .

Key industries :

Airports, public security system, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, confidential institutions, troops, large-scale competitions Events, concerts, important meetings, government agencies, anti-terrorist fields and other important locations and facilities, areas that require space security and drone control.

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