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GPS monitoring is real and some of us don’t like it

Perfectjammer 2022/07/14

  Have you heard of a GPS jammer? The term is relatively new but the technology has been here a while.

  Have you ever talked about a product and then open your phone’s internet browser to find that same thing advertised?

GPS monitoring is real and some of us don’t like it

  Most people are more concerned about privacy and security these days. We turn on the news and hear how security breaches are rampant and that our data may not be safe. This is especially concerning in regards to our healthcare and financial information.

  Now even our text messages and emails may not be safe from prying hackers. This is where GPS signal jammers may come in.

  A device sends out radio signals at the same frequency as a GPS enabled device, thus producing the jamming effect. The device cannot determine the position of the other device. It is like a technological wall blocking your location.

  The GPS jamming device is a small device that has a typical range of five to ten meters. It is illegal in a lot of places but can be bought online. Most require low power and can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter or USB port.

  GPS jamming gadgets are affordable and easy to use. They are great for people concerned about GPS monitoring.

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The powerful WIFI drone remote control 2.4G 5.8G 315 433 868 915 GPSL1L2L5 signal jammer adopts 4 antenna design, which brings powerful jamming ability. 30 watts of high power is adjustable, and the interference radius can reach 100 meters. Built-in 3 cooling fans, work non-stop.


N8N Signal Jammer

Military Powerful GPS Lojack Signal Blocker

This thing is insane. Now when nuisance people call me, the number shows up on the phone or TV, I recognize the number has no reason to call my house, the call is disconnected, and the number is entered into the cell phone jammer so they can't call us again. In the course of just a few days, my wife and I noticed a significant decline in intrusive interruptions from spam callers. The call blocker itself is small and unobtrusive, and very easy to set up...

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