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Man Arrested For Using Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-5

Man Arrested For Using Cell Phone Jammer

Will mobile phone signal jammers affect the normal operation of other electronic products? Not easy. This is because the transmitted electromagnetic data signal of Man Arrested For Using Cell Phone Jammer completely falls within the mobile phone working frequency specified by the country, which can only cause a shielding effect on mobile phone communication. Is the cell phone signal jammer harmful to the body and the cell phone? Please be assured that the electromagnetic induction receiving sensitivity sent by the cell phone jammer is relatively weak. The test materials show that this kind of receiving sensitivity is far from harmful to the human body. at the same time, cell phone jammer Only the forward data signal of the communication base station is shielded, so that the mobile phone cannot get in touch with the communication base station. Therefore, it is impossible to cause other damage to the mobile phone itself.

Is there any difference between the time interval between the mobile jammer in the room and the outdoor application? Yes. Generally speaking, the outdoor data signal exceeds that in the room, so the actual effect of outdoor shielding is poor. Strictly speaking: Whether in the room or in outdoor applications, Man Arrested For Using Cell Phone Jammer 's high-efficiency functional distance is related to the original electromagnetic wave natural environment and the surrounding environment. Such as the distance from the communication base station, the place where it is placed, etc. Is the effect of mobile phone jammers on GSM mobile phones and CDMA mobile phones the same? This is a good question. Because the anti-interference ability of CDMA mobile phones is far better than that of GSM mobile phones, the reasonable shielding distance of mobile phone jammers for CDMA mobile phones is lower than that of GSM mobile phones. After the mobile phone signal jammer works for a period of time, the shell becomes hot. Will it damage the device during long-term operation? Thank you for your carefulness. This is also a normal situation. In the design scheme, everyone uses the heat transfer of the metal shell to assist in heat removal. Therefore, the long-term stable operation of the equipment can be ensured. Therefore, the casing is not easy to damage the equipment when it gets hot.

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