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Reddit Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-01

Reddit Cell Phone Jammer

First of all, if the frequency band affected by the mobile phone signal jammer overlaps with the frequency band applied on the laptop network, then the online function of the laptop will be endangered. Let's take a look at the frequency band of Reddit Cell Phone Jammer influence first. Due to the wide coverage of data signals of Chinese operators and the variety of application styles, mobile phone signal jammers must have the actual effect of shielding major websites. Generally, they will deal with data signals in the 2G, 3G, and 4G frequency bands, such as Wi-Fi and GPS. , Mobile phone Bluetooth data signals carry out reasonable shielding influence. After understanding what frequency bands the mobile phone jammer described in detail above can affect, let's look at what frequency bands are used on the notebook network. Notepads generally have two ways to access the Internet, one is the cable TV network, that is, the Ethernet interface network interface network, and the other is the wireless network. At this stage, mobile phone signal jammers cannot be shielded and affect the cable TV network, so here is the key to describe the frequency range of the notebook wireless network. According to the current classification of notebooks on the market at this stage, the wireless network is suitable for single frequency and single frequency. To put it bluntly, single frequency refers to only applicable WiFi 2.4 frequency band to connect to the Internet. cell phone jammer Single frequency is applicable to WiFi2.4 and WiFi5.82 frequency bands to connect to the Internet. The vast majority of notebooks are only suitable for single frequency, and some are expensive or equipped with a more conscience will be matched with single frequency online.

After mastering the working frequency bands of mobile phone jammers and notebooks, the question of whether the mobile phone jammers affect the laptop network is likely to be clear to people with long eyes. In short, mobile phone jammers may cause harm to the laptop network. In fact, it must be broken down into the following categories: cell phone jammers have no WLAN control module, which is not harmful to notebook wireless networks; cell phone jammers are suitable for WiFi 2.4 frequency band, which harms single-frequency notebook wireless networks and does not harm single-frequency notebook wireless networks. Network; The mobile phone signal jammer is applicable to WiFi2.4 and WiFi5.8 frequency bands, which will harm the wireless network function of the notebook. According to the detailed grasp of the above, I also have an answer to whether Reddit Cell Phone Jammer has an effect on the notebook's Internet. The mobile phone signal jammer is likely to cause harm to the notebook's wireless network. For these customers who have the application of mobile phone jammers to carry out shielding requirements, it is necessary to configure an Ethernet interface line for the notebook connected to the external network office, so that the actual effect of both fish and bear's paw can be achieved.

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