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Make Your Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-2

Make Your Cell Phone Jammer

Nowadays, the Make Your Cell Phone Jammer key commonly used by people is the special signal jammer for the examination room and the wall-painting mobile phone jammer. Special mobile phone signal jammers for examination rooms. The specific basic principle of this type of facility is that within a certain working frequency range, the mobile phone and the communication base station are connected by electromagnetic waves, and the transmission of information and sound effects is realized with a certain serial port baud rate and deployment method. . The mobile phone jammer passes to the low-range frequency of the wireless channel to the high-end scanner at a certain rate during the operation link. The scanner rate can produce error codes in the message format data signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot check the regular data information sent from the communication base station. cell phone jammer The mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the communication base station, so as to shield the data signal of the mobile phone. The mobile phone is mainly manifested in the search network, poor signal, no service system, etc.

Wall-painted mobile phone jammer, wall-painted style Make Your Cell Phone Jammer Taking into account the basic functions and attractive features of mobile phone jammers, it is especially suitable for some medium and large conferences and high-end confidential venues. The BPS-7A intelligent mobile phone data signal jammer belongs to the room machine, and it is available in all areas where the mobile phone signal jammer must be used in the room: colleges and universities, fully shielded during the exam. High-efficiency shielding, maintenance and examination are all normal disciplines, and at the same time, the design scheme of heat exhaust strip is selected, and it is not easy to worry about the hazard of fan noise. High-end confidential venues, hidden and installed with hidden wall paintings, are especially suitable for high-end confidential venues. The shielding characteristics are stable and it is not easy to be shielded for a while. The shielding distance is long and the shielding distance can be adjusted. In the cell, the BPS-7A intelligent mobile phone data signal detection jammer makes the detention center and other supervision places more personalized. The wall painting style hidden installation makes it difficult for criminals and bailiffs to have too strong dissatisfaction. The interface can write cultural and educational renewal slogans, and remind criminals to repent and rehabilitate at all times. The design of the power amplifier line is very easy to shield the periphery of the dialog box through the large iron gate of the monitoring warehouse, without dead angles. Take the standardized supervision building with a length of 100 meters as an example, only two or three units on one floor can be 100% shielded.

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