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How To Track A Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-30

How To Track A Cell Phone Jammer

Effective overall planning according to the budget of the new project. For the model selection of the How To Track A Cell Phone Jammer equipment, the shielding machine equipment model selection should pay attention to its shielding radius size (ie output power size), characteristic reliability, service life, etc., and also need to be based on The natural environment decision on the spot is whether to choose the model and consider the use of a semi-adjustable (i.e. output power adjustable) mobile phone signal jammer, or the use of a directional antenna to control the transmission of the behavioral subject that shields the data signal Region (azimuth). Establish the scope of the shielded area, whether the key points in the supervision area (or in the building) are shielded or all the courtyard walls are shielded; the estimated overall plan and actual effects of the shielded new project are established, including all The overall planning budget for the new project of mobile phone jammers is vague. It only installs mobile phone jammers to shield the actual effect or carry out scientific research. cell phone jammer The centralized control of the intelligent system is systematically shielded; prepare the company's plan design and indicate the names, reasonable layout, specifications, and floor heights of the engineering buildings in the supervision area.

At the same time, it should also indicate the surrounding environment of the cell, especially office areas, residential buildings, or social development factories and enterprises within a few hundred meters of the courtyard wall; delimit key points to shield areas, and non-critical points to shield areas. Areas and areas that do not need to be shielded; grasp the situation of communication base stations near the cell (direction and affiliated communication companies); have certain preparations for agents or manufacturers of future How To Track A Cell Phone Jammer system software project construction on the spot to conduct surveys and inspections; traditional methods only The plan for installing a mobile phone jammer is compared with the advantages and disadvantages of the intelligent intelligent management system for the cell phone shielding network in the cell. For signal shielding on mobile phones in a cell or a controlled area, whether it is the multi-tube setting method of small output power mobile phone jammers, or the use ofmobile phone jammers as the dominant and small output power jammers to assist in filling the blind spots According to the plan, multiple mobile phone signal shielding positioning points may be installed in all monitoring areas. For these multiple shielding positioning points, it is not installed to start the detection and the actual effect of the shielding can be regarded as a complete completion of the new project. Yes, how to ensure the normal and stable operation of the signal shielding location on these multiple mobile phones in the future is the important thing for all new mobile phone jammer projects!

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