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Diy Simple Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-29

Diy Simple Cell Phone Jammer

With the continuous development trend and popularization of mobile communication special tools on mobile phones, the technical strength of my mobile communication technology methods continues to improve, especially after the marketing and application of 3G and 4G technologies, it is targeted at prisons, correctional centers, detention centers, etc. The effect of negative information in similar places such as drug treatment centers and compulsory detoxification centers is becoming more and more prominent. In prisons, detention centers and other supervision places, mobile communication tools such as mobile phones are completely prohibited, not only for criminals, but also for control staff. Should be so. Once the mobile phone is brought to the prison and put into use, it may cause great harm to the management method, safety, and development trend of the cell. Some prisoners used illegally trafficked mobile phones to talk in the cell, send messages, obtain materials, threaten witnesses, and even form gangs and institutions to escape from Apple. Because of this, the Diy Simple Cell Phone Jammer system has been installed in the cell and other cell sites. The level of urgency! cell phone jammer The emergence of this phenomenon is slowly resolved.

At this stage, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have built hundreds of thousands of communication base stations across the country. The output power and number of wireless channels of each communication base station are different, and the distance between each communication base station and the cell is different. , It is generally recommended to install Diy Simple Cell Phone Jammer The system’s surveillance area around two or three hundred meters is very good. There is no communication base station. If there is a communication base station, the key points must be considered because the communication base station is too close and the data signal is too strong. The operating scale, total number of engineering buildings, structure, size, and floor height of the cell are different. The locations, output power, and topography of the communication base stations on the mobile phones near each cell are different, and they are transmitted from the remote communication base station. The data signal level is different. How to set up the points in each cell must be designed and made according to the specific situation on the spot! Even in the same natural environment, the data signal of the communication base station will interfere with the relative humidity of the air and other hazards, which will also cause the data signal. The fluctuation of the magnetic field strength, in addition, there are also the difference of the magnetic field strength in the room, outdoor and indoor space, and the road surface, building structure, materials and metal material objects cause more complicated and bad harm to the mobile phone jammer.

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