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Schematic For Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/21

The Schematic For Cell Phone Jammer in the current society is not uniform, there are good and bad. At this time, everyone should have the ability to judge good or bad. It doesn’t matter. Today, the mobile phone jammer manufacturers will tell you how to distinguish the quality of mobile phone signal jammers. , Let's follow the editor to understand it. First of all, we must understand our real needs. What kind of signals do I need to shield, how large is the area used, what environment is around, those areas that do not affect the pros and cons, and how much space is shielded? Provide these basic information to manufacturers who customize mobile phone jammers. The manufacturer will give reasonable suggestions based on your needs. If the manufacturer recommends the product to you from the beginning, it is estimated that this is unprofessional and can be eliminated directly. The manufacturer will follow your requirements. Recommend suitable products and models, and then tell you how to use the installation details, and the precautions of the machine. Why does the cell phone signal jammer have the same style and price difference? Cell phone jammers are divided into aluminum alloy plastic shells from the shell material, aluminum alloy shells are also divided into flat panels, recessed ones, etc. Why do we choose so many? First of all, the plastic shell and the aluminum shell have their own advantages and disadvantages. The launch effect and performance of the plastic shell are definitely not as good as the aluminum shell. cell phone jammer How do we choose if they are all aluminum shells, of course the groove on the back of the machine is that the shielding performance of the machine heat sink is better than other models.

Some individuals or companies that sell wirelessSchematic For Cell Phone Jammer instruments use second-hand chips, machines with inferior capacitors, and eight-channel mobile phone jammers with the same appearance on the market. The chip inside is 5 channels and then the material used is different. The chip is the heart of the mobile phone jammer. The quality of the jammer is directly related to the life of the mobile phone jammer. The chips are selected from the place of production, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and domestically produced. However, many manufacturers of mobile phone jammers choose South Korea and Taiwan to save costs. Chips are the choice of second-class manufacturers. Many cheap products will choose second-hand chips. This type of chip is very deadly. Chips that are removed from the machine at high temperature are used twice. Many internal components are affected by high temperature. , The service life is very short. Generally, mobile phone jammers will be broken after a few months of use, or some mobile phone jammers will be blocked intermittently, and occasionally the effect is good and the symptom that sometimes fails is the second-hand disassembled chip. Through the above points of judgment, you can basically judge whether a mobile phone signal jammer is good or bad, and it also determines the service life of the machine.