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Inbound Call Blocker Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-11

Inbound Call Blocker Cell Phone

The annual college entrance examination started again yesterday. These days, the Internet is full of news about the college entrance examination. As always, some people forget to bring the admission ticket, some go to the wrong exam room, and some police uncles send the exam. Everyone should not be surprised. But there was a piece of news that successfully attracted the attention of Jun Xiaozao. This is a piece of news about fraud in the college entrance examination. Some netizens broke the news that in the math test room on the afternoon of June 7th, some candidates suspected that they took a picture of a math paper of the 2021 National College Entrance Examination and uploaded it to a search app. After being discovered by the app staff, they took a screenshot and reported it. Soon, on June 8th (that is today), the Education Bureau of Huangpi District of Wuhan issued a report on the fraud of the candidate Wu Moumou. The candidate Wu Moumou illegally brought his mobile phone into the examination room to take test papers and used his mobile phone to upload the network. Inbound Call Blocker Cell Phone It doesn't seem to have any effect. The invigilators are negligent in the security check and invigilators.

The Huangpi District Admissions Office responded to the incident and stated that the candidate could upload test questions on his mobile phone due to loopholes in the 5G signal shielding. So here comes the question, is the entire leaking incident really the fault of 5G? We are using Inbound Call Blocker Cell Phone now, is there really no way to get 5G? Today, Mr. Xiaozao will give you a good explanation of this problem. As we all know, we are now in the high-tech era, and the means of communication are very developed and convenient. This brings both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it becomes easier to leak secrets, such as cheating on the college entrance examination as we say today. In order to prevent candidates from using mobile phones and other communication tools to cheat, the competent authority has always clearly stipulated that it is forbidden to bring any electronic devices into the examination room. Generally speaking, they will take the following measures to take precautions: 1. When entering the examination room, scan through the security checker. This is similar to when we usually enter the train station and the airport. 2. Manual body search. The staff will touch you to see if you are carrying contraband. 3. The most important and effective method is the cell phone jammer. As the saying goes, "The road is one foot high, and the devil is one foot high." Obviously, this guy in Wuhan, Hubei, was really good. Not only did he pass the three passes, he also escaped the eyes of the on-site invigilator and successfully completed the "impossible task." The dereliction of duty of the invigilator definitely exists, and the official notification has also imposed penalties, so we won't discuss it much. Next, we will focus on why this mobile phone jammer failed to block the 5G signal.

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